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This site was developed for one purpose:

To ensure we humans understand the history of and begin to display & utilize the Peace Sign/Symbol correctly.
Peace Sign

"If we want Peace, we must Get Peace Right!"

Our planet and all inhabitants deserve and need peace, even moreso now than ever. Overpopulation, Wars, Disease, Famine, Religious Conflicts, Negativity, Climate Destruction, the Depletion of Earth's finite resources & more issues affect us all.

We all desire and strive for Peace, Wisdom, Harmony, Freedom, Love & more, and not necessarily in that exact order. We can and will achieve the aforementioned and one way we can is to first Get Peace Right!

One first has to come to the realization that they have to start thinking for themselves, independent critical thinking. Not believing or following someone else's thinking, your own thinking & knowing.

Signs & symbols carry/convey/relay a lot more sub-conscious & conscious-related intent and meanings than a lot of humans understand. I studied the linked-to information and then understood the bigger picture in all aspects of life; all it takes is an open mindset and a neutral-positive position to learn something new.

There is/was no bias, simply logic and truth. No beliefs, belief systems nor affiliations to any religious/sectarian influence. The related information is for individuals who want peace for themselves and their loved ones, the entire planet and for those who can think for themselves. If you proceed with an open mind, do prepare to have your mind filled with the necessary knowledge you've been seeking.

Subsequently, with a better understanding of symbols and their intentions/meanings, I then chose to develop this site for all of humanity, I merely did my part, while I could, during my time on this beautiful planet.


"Humans may write the history books, but Creation records it all"

Correct/Incorrect Signs/Symbols

Incorrect/False Peace Sign/Symbol

Incorrect Sign & Usage

The "peace symbol", as it is generally known today and used in the pop culture, corresponds in truth with the death-rune, a symbol that has been known for thousands of years, however which, instead of peace, means unpeace, strife, discord, intolerance, murder, mass murder and war. This is so because the tree turned upside down represents the reversed energy flow of the tree of life into the ground, whereby its meaning and the effects resulting from it are extremely negative. The use of the reversed peace symbol destroys everything that is good and positive and strengthens and stimulates everything which is aggressive, intolerant, laden with prejudice, bad, negative and destructive and all devastation.


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Correct Peace Sign/Symbol Usage

Correct Sign & Usage

On the other hand, in the true and correct form of the peace symbol, the tree of peace and life is oriented upwards to the light, und it stands on the foundation block of the peace and the life – which is symbolised by the rectangle – and holds everything together. The leaves of the lotus flower above the tree of life represent the seven forms of consciousness, while the ‘feathers’ arranged underneath represent spiritual swinging waves. The wheels or spheres on both sides of the tree of life represent the universe and the Creation and are connected with each other, while the fountain of life springs directly from the tree of life. This symbol shows the creational striving for progressive development and at the same time peace, harmony, equalisedness, tolerance, equivalence and all good and positive values of the life; it includes a progressive, fruitful furtherance of peace in absolute equality.


Correct/False Peace Sign/Symbol

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